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Anyone can easily get bored of the monotonous routine of today’s hectic life. If you are looking to enjoy your weekend, owning a hot tub is not a bad idea. A hot tub provides you with the experience of a spa, where you can soak your body in the hot water for a while and refresh yourself. But owning a hot tub is a luxury that will come at a luxury price. Like other electrical devices, hot tubs have hefty upfront prices according to their sizes and material. But the major issue is their ongoing operating cost which a user has to pay every time he enjoys this luxury.

The ongoing operating cost of the hot tub includes the cost for electrical power consumption, water pump and maintenance. So before purchasing a hot tub and placing it in the backyard, it’s wise to estimate the increase in the monthly budget due to hot tub beforehand. If you are planning to buy a hot tub but facing difficulty in budget estimation, let me help you there.

The Monthly Electricity Cost of a Hot Tub

Like other electrical devices, a hot tub has a heater installed in it. This heater consumes electricity to produce heat that keeps the water warm. Similarly, water pumps use electricity to maintain the water level in the hot tub during bathing. The extent of electricity consumption directly depends upon factors like hot tub size, model, manufacturer and accessories used in it. It is a simple equation that a large hot tub heater will take longer to heat the water as compared to a small hot tub. The electricity usage of a hot tub also depends upon the time for which a hot tub is used in a month. Similarly, the electricity utility also depends upon the age of the hot tub. A new hot tub will take less time to heat the water but an old hot tub will take some time.

Estimation of Electricity Consumed by Hot Tub

The major source of power consumption in a hot tub is its heater. As different models of hot tubs used different heaters, their power consumption is also varying from each other. Most hot tub available in the market has a heating system according to 240 V and a heater of 7.5 kW installed in them. To further compute the electricity consumption cost, count the number of hours the hot tub will be used every month. Then, multiply the number of months with the power of the hot tub’s heater. For example, if you are intending to use a hot tub for 20 hours a month, the electricity cost is 20 × 7.5 = 150 kW. The per-unit cost of electricity in the U.S. is around $0.13. Now multiply 150 × 0.13 = $20. It means the average cost of using a hot tub for 20 hr in a month is around $20 bucks. This price can vary according to your utility time.

Strategies For Efficient Use of Hot Tub

By acting upon the strategies given below, one can reduce the ongoing performance cost of the hot tub. These strategies are:

  • By using cover, we can reduce power consumption created by the heater.
  • By installing a digital thermometer, we can get an accurate temperature reading. It will prevent the heater from continuously working during bathing.
  • Hot tubs, which have insulation material between the base layers of the tub, requires less power consumption as heat loss is very low.
  • By adding more insulation material across the hot tub walls, we can prevent heat loss to the surroundings.
  • Always purchase a new hot tub instead of purchasing a used one. Old ones break, cost more money and consume more electricty.

Hot tub electricity cost is also affected by weather conditions. For example, in the winter, the number of hours of use increases, which results in an increased electric bill. The average monthly cost of hot tub usage is ordinarily less than $25 per month. The average life span of a hot tub is around 5 to 10 years and often times even more. It is better to spend more on the upfront price of the hot tub while purchasing. It will reduce the progress of consumption in the future. As the hot tub gets older it may consume more electricity. If you are making up your mind about purchasing the hot tub, always remember that the quality and longevity is of a hot tub is important as it ensures your safety in return. Always prioritize your safety first.