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Over the past few years, smart technology has become more accessible and affordable. The “internet of things” is a commonly used phrase now. Not only can smart upgrades make your home more convenient and efficient, but they’ll also make it much more attractive to potential buyers in the future.
A recent study of buyers’ trends by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), shows that this generation represents the largest share of potential home buyers . Hence, this isn’t just something you want to consider – it’s really important if you want an edge over other homes for sale!

Here’s Some Of The Latest Gadgets You Might Like To Check Out

Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats are programmable and can be controlled by an app on your phone.
Most of them sense whether you’re at home or away, but the Nest one is especially popular because it projects average savings around $173 per year. You can usually control the temperature of your home through an app on your phone, so there’s no need to worry about whether you set the thermostat before you left for work.
There are a few different types of smart thermostats on the market, but most of them have similar features. For example, they can all be programmed to have different temperatures at different times of the day, so they can automatically turn your heat up when you wake up and then turn it down a few hours before you get home from work.
They also usually have a similar app that can be used on a smartphone or tablet for controlling the temperature at home, and many of them offer tips for saving energy.

Smart Smoke Detectors
A smart smoke detector will not only alert you to a problem but also save insurance premiums and could even potentially save your life. Some models retail for around $119. They not only monitor smoke but also carbon dioxide and air quality. If anything is amiss, they will send an alert to your smartphone or tablet. Smart smoke detectors are a great investment for your home.

A CBS news report cites a figure of 2/3 of all home fire fatalities occurring in residences where the smoke detectors were missing or disabled. This is something many of us have resorted to at one time or other out of sheer frustration when our typical “dumb” detector insists on shrieking an alarm every time we try to fry up some bacon. A smart detector will allow you to keep on frying without fear of interruption.

Smart Door Locks
Smart door locks are a simple solution for anyone who wants to give their home an upgrade without doing any work. With this sort of lock, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys or carrying around extra ones just in case! The best part is that it’s easy enough even if someone has the code they can’t get inside because these devices will automatically unlock when people come close and shut off whenever there isn’t movement outside. A smart door lock system doesn’t require much effort from users but instead relies on newer technology such as WiFi and Bluetooth which unlocks doors once occupants return from being out-of-home by sensing our arrival with a smartphone. It also allows guests access based on pre-programmed settings so house guests, service people, or others can easily enter when needed. Interestingly, though this technology is newer it isn’t expensive with some devices costing as little as $50. The systems are generally easy to install, usually taking only a few minutes to put up, and are managed through an app on smartphones.

Smart Sprinkler Control
Smart Sprinkler Control is an innovative invention that makes it easier to manage the water in your lawn. These devices are programmable and can be set up via computer or smartphone app for automatic irrigation based on seasonality and weather patterns. Some users report saving over two-thirds of their outdoor usage with these smart sprinklers!

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an innovative and cost-efficient way to save money on your energy bill.
You can control lights via a smartphone, adjusting the light intensity or turning them off when you leave home by setting timers for individual rooms. Smart outdoor lighting also serves as motion detectors that make it safer at night time!

Smart lighting systems help you save money by using less energy. These devices use an occupancy sensor to switch lights off when rooms are unoccupied and a light dimmer to adjust the intensity of lights, resulting in 60% savings on your annual energy bill.

You can get smart lighting that will gradually increase in intensity as it detects that you’re waking up. These systems can also automatically switch the lights off when you leave a room and turn them back on when you return.
Smart lighting is affordable and easy to install, with most devices capable of simply following the existing wiring in your house and requiring only a few moments of setup time each day. They can be installed by homeowners themselves.

The number of smart lighting systems on the market is continuously growing with a range of different products to suit every budget and need. Some devices are straightforward plug-and-play models that can be installed by homeowners themselves, while others require a professional installation service. Lutron 1234J is a good system for beginners as it is easy to install and use.

If you want to buy a smart lighting system, it is important to first consider your needs and budget. Smart lighting devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to find one that fits both your needs and your home.

Smart Moisture Sensors
Builders are keen to know about mold and water damage in homes, which can make potential buyers wary of purchase. With a smart moisture sensor system such as the Wally ($299), builders will be alerted instantly if there is any leakage or humidity changes.

Builders and homeowners can use smart moisture sensor systems to counter this problem. Additionally, these sensors can monitor the humidity level in a room and notify the user if it is too high or low. These sensors can also be linked to appliances such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers and heaters. When humidity levels reach a certain point, the desired appliances will be activated.

In addition, smart moisture sensor systems can also monitor temperature levels in a room. In order to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere, sensors can activate air conditioners or furnaces accordingly. All of these functions are performed wirelessly and by being linked to an app on your smartphone.

Smart (er) Solar Panels
Solar technology is, on its own, a smart way to power your home. The latest developments in the solar industry include such gizmos as smarter junction boxes which allow you to monitor panel performance and even switch off individual panels or an entire array in case of emergency like fire or tornado.

Solar America estimates that installation of solar panels can save around $1,500 per year on utility bills while U.S Department Of Energy found adding solar panels may increase house resale value by up to $15000 more than expected before installing any kind of system for sustaining better environment condition inside & outside houses.
It also creates opportunity for homeowners who want cleaner air-free living environments free from harmful effects caused due too many CO2 gases coming from coal affected stations increasing the greenhouse effect.

Solar panels are however, not without problems. For one thing, they don’t work very well in cloudy weather or at night time, and during the winter months it takes longer for them to generate enough energy to power your appliances.
So while solar technology makes sense on paper, in practice it still has some kinks to work out. One of the most common complaints about solar panels is that they’re aesthetically unpleasing, and while there are some pretty models on the market , such as the sleek Sanyo XE-33V1C Solar Roof Tile, they can be rather pricey.

There’s no doubt that every one of the above features is a bonus and enhances the value of your biggest asset – your home – making it an attractive buying proposition if you choose to sell your home.