Tips to Find Phoenix Home Electrical Issues Before Major Problems Ensue by Add On Electric Phoenix 602-980-8056

Did you know that unattended electrical issues are the reason for over 50,000 house fires every year?

Electricity is something that you cannot imagine living without even for an hour. Electrical problems at home can lead to power failure, damage to devices, high utility bills, and so on. Here are some expert ways to spot any electrical problem at home before they lead to any major issues.

Funny Odor

Whenever you install a new appliance, you might smell something unfamiliar, which might be due to the paint, or any superficial issue. However, if you smell something unusual from the outlet or any old appliance, it could be from the fuse box or breaker panel. Call Instant-Air professionals immediately and unplug all major appliances at your home.


It is an undeniable reason to call an electrician. If any of the switches at your home feels warm or hot to touch, or if you find outlets generating sparks every time you switch it on or off, it could be due to wiring issues. It is best to replace the fixture with the help of an electrician.


Switches or outlets do not make any sound. If you find buzzing, sizzling, or cracking sounds when you operate an appliance via the switch or outlet, switch off the appliance and call an electrician. If possible, cut the power to the phase, which includes that specific outlet or switch.

Flickering Lights

If the lights flicker, it could be due to anything from fluctuation in the input voltage to problems in the light bulb. However, if this continues for a longer period or happens frequently, switch off the light and call a technician to fix it. It could be a wiring problem or a faulty light.

Loose Connection

If the switch or the electric outlet causes problems frequently and yet works perfectly at random times, it’s a sign of a loose wire connection. This faulty wiring is a substantial fire hazard. Avoid using the outlet and call a technician to replace it.

The Temperature of The Ceiling Fixtures

If you have ceiling fixtures, check the warmth of the region around the fixture. If the area is warm or hot, it could be due to using fixtures with exceeding power than recommended, or any wiring problem. It is more common in places where people use sodium bulbs instead of CFL or LED.

Pest Trouble

If you find rodent droppings inside outlets or in your basement, the chances are high that the rodents have chewed on the wires. Check all the wirings around the dropping to avoid any fire outbreak.


Sometimes a line trips off to avoid overload. There is nothing to worry about occasional tripping. However, if an outlet or line trips even with a simple appliance, it could be a problem with the circuit breaker.

Finally, if your electricity bill seems to be higher than usual with no apparent reason for several months, it could be due to a wiring issue or faulty appliances. It is wise to choose a reliable and experienced Phoenix electrical professional from Add On Electric to handle it for you.

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