Factors Why Your Business Should Offer EV Charging at Your Business Locations by Add On Electric Phoenix

Putting up an electric vehicle charger at your business or organization is a terrific way to put your name on the map, bring in new clients, keep your current staff happy, and improve your company’s capacity to be environmentally responsible. As the global climate problem worsens, conversations about sustainability and protecting the environment are gaining more traction than ever. As a result, companies are looking at methods to become more environmentally friendly and, as a result, contribute toward mitigating the effects of the climate problem. At the same time, they are pushing their employees and consumers to do the same. The use of electric vehicles (EVs) and the installation of chargers are two solutions to this problem. Businesses that take advantage of this developing trend can boost their branding, receive tax savings, and reap the benefits of supplying EV charging stations.

The advantages are numerous, and the price is far lower than you may anticipate. Moreover, considering the meteoric rise in the popularity of electric vehicles in recent years, now is the ideal time to invest in EV charging infrastructure. Are you considering jumping on the electric vehicle charging bandwagon? Here are seven reasons why having an electric vehicle charger at your company may be beneficial.

Put your company on the map, and you’ll see an increase in the number of customers you see.

Putting an electric vehicle charger on your property puts you, quite literally, on the map. It’s a very straightforward concept: anyone who operates an electric car knows they need to strategically schedule their trips, especially lengthy ones, around the locations of available chargers. When you install an electric vehicle charger at your site, you put your company on the map, which is helpful for drivers of electric vehicles who use maps that show the locations of charging stations. People will become aware that you have a charger because of this, which will encourage them to stop by while simultaneously increasing your company’s reputation as one that cares for the environment and makes an effort to make a difference.

Increase your profits while also lowering your environmental impact.

In addition to the financial advantages, we will discuss now, installing electric vehicle chargers in places of business allows you to earn extra sources of income while also contributing to reducing pollution in the environment (er). EV Meter chargers allow company owners to choose who pays for the charging and how much they pay for it. This enables the owners to customize their charging stations to meet the specific requirements of their companies. Electric vehicle (EV) chargers themselves generate an additional source of revenue while also encouraging drivers of EVs to make regular visits to the location of the company. EVs benefit companies by enabling staff to use electric vehicles to work while drawing in new consumers.

Encourage environmentally responsible business practices and good corporate citizenship.

The phrase “sustainability” is trending right now, and we hear a lot about businesses that are attempting to lessen their impact on the environment by “going green,” “reducing their carbon footprint,” and “doing their part to save the world.” Nowadays, it has developed into an expectation that businesses will demonstrate some level of corporate social responsibility and do what they can to preserve the natural environment.

Prepare your company for the future.

Companies investing in electric vehicle infrastructure are investing in their company’s long-term success. The number of sales of electric cars appears to be rising consistently, according to recent data. When looking at the statistics from 2010, it may have been hard to forecast or imagine the widespread appeal of electric vehicles. The epidemic was beneficial. The number of people staying at home more often and seeking to keep our environment clean contributes to the fantastic growth rate in EV sales.


Include it as part of the benefits package you provide.

The installation of electric vehicle chargers in a business’s parking lot might be part of workers’ perks packages. Employers can provide electric vehicle charging stations to new workers as a perk from the beginning of their employment relationship with the company. This can occur during the discussion of conditions such as vacation and sick leave, hours, etc.

Tax exemptions and reductions

There has been an apparent uptick in the effort being put in by governments worldwide to promote the use of electric cars. This involves putting more emphasis on the vital infrastructure. After all, electric vehicles will only be able to become a regular part of our lives in the future if there are chargers. For this reason, the federal government of the United States and other governments worldwide have devised incentive programs and financial incentives for individuals who volunteer to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in their places of employment. In the United States, tax credits may be granted at the federal, state, or municipal level, or all three.

A federal tax credit of up to $7,500 per charging station is available to owners of electric vehicles in the United States. This advantage is also available to companies that convert their cars to electric power. The installation of electric vehicle charging stations for use by staff members is included as part of the benefit. In addition, businesses that make the switch to electric cars and construct charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) may be eligible for additional tax benefits and incentives, depending on the state and municipal rules and regulations that are in place. Because of the potential for these advantages to cover the entire cost of providing infrastructure for electric vehicles in some circumstances, the transition to electric vehicles is fast becoming an obvious choice for companies.

Be a pioneer in your field.

The globe desperately needs specific businesses to step up and push innovative technology and fresh approaches that will assist our environment in remaining green and functioning. Even today, we are still at a crossroads where new firms might enter the EV sector and quickly rise to become industry leaders. There is still time for new businesses to join in on the trend before it is too late; however, as is the case with every movement, there will come a time when charging stations will become so popular that the benefits of owning one will become less advantageous. This is because the demand for charging stations will increase as more people use them. Because of this, participation in the game at this moment is necessary. Conversely, companies that decide to wait until the concept becomes more widespread and more people start purchasing electric vehicles will likely miss out on the chance.

EV Meter provides these companies with various benefits that make the shift to the use of electric vehicles simpler than ever. The combination of our chargers and backend system creates the ideal circumstance for any company, combining various aspects, including sales, energy systems, and billing. You can rest assured that you are investing in technology that will serve you well for many years if you purchase our weather-proof and future-proof level 2 AC chargers. Even better, our chargers use innovative energy management methods to maintain a balanced supply of electricity and ensure that none of it is wasted. Are you interested in receiving more information on your company’s electric vehicle meter chargers? Then, make an appointment to speak with Add On Electric Phoenix at 602-980-8056 right now.