The Ultimate Guide For Home Electrical Upgrades and Automation In High Demand In The 2020s by Add On Electric- Phoenix 505-804-9534

You might not have thought about electrical upgrades for your new home or renovation project, but you should. They’re an important part of how the house is going to feel and work.
In a recent survey from Electrical Professionals Association, they found that there are endless things people want done with their homes’ electric system in terms of upgrading it. The top requests were:

Smart Switches
Every electrician says smart switches are the number one request right now. These devices replace traditional lighting timers – such as those on flood lights – for outdoor lighting.
The smart switch allows more flexibility than a simple timer and means that you can control your light from your phone even if you forget to set it up before leaving home. It’s not only convenient, but also adds security for people. For example, knowing someone is coming when they get off work at 9pm instead of walking into an empty house with no sign of life just because their schedule changed unexpectedly.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans
More often than not, fans now come with a remote control that lets you control both the light and the fan.
Originally, they were wired separately but now you can operate both with the same remote.

Remote-Controlled Shades
People are now requesting their shades come with a remote control as well. While to some this may sound a bit luxurious, spare a thought for those with tall windows.

Outlets Placed Directly Behind Wall-Mounted TV’s And Projectors
Electricians now tend to put electrical outlets directly behind projectors or wall-mounted TV’s so that you don’t have unsightly wires running down your walls.

Baseboard Outlets
Much like the reasoning behind placing electrical outlets behind wall-mounted TVs and projectors, electricians are also putting outlets on baseboards, which is a far more aesthetically pleasing look.

Chandelier Lifts
Yes, you read that right! A chandelier lift is a real bonus as it gives you the opportunity to lower the light to floor level for changing light bulbs, or cleaning, installation (initially) and any other reason you might want to lower a heavy chandelier to the ground!

Smart Outlets
USB outlets are a big thing, especially in the kitchen, bedroom and laundry room. It just cleans up space and cuts down on the need for charging blocks, since you can plug USB cords directly into the wall with this upgrade.

Home Automation
Home automation is a trend of seamlessly controlling all your home appliances via the internet. Your devices are connected so that you can either use your smartphone or voice commands to trigger automated events.
For example, turning on music at the same time as getting dinner ready! A smart thermostat will also help regulate energy usage and save money in the long run.

Energy Consumption Monitors
The days of manually monitoring your energy usage are a thing of the past. With this app, you can see what’s going on from work or school with just one click!
The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You just have to create an account and input your address. After that, the app will do the rest!

Back-Up Generators
Back-up generators can keep you from blackouts or other power outages.
If the power goes out, a back-up generator automatically turns on and will run all things in your home as long as you have the fuel to do so!

Electric Car Chargers
Electricians are getting a lot of requests for new Tesla and other car charging stations.
Home automation upgrades that electricians suggest might also include adding or upgrading your electric outlets to make life easier with our increasing use of electrical devices in the home.

So now, in the 2020’s, if you are considering upgrades to your home, don’t forget the electrical upgrades. They are going to make your life a whole lot easier, plus the added bonuses of savings in time, money and energy.

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